At BindTuning Partner Success, our mission is to help YOU support your clients on this journey of reinventing customers' digital workplace transformation. You can be an agent for change by joining the BindTuning Partner Program and help your customers overcome barriers to widespread remote work. Together, we can help your customers reinvent their digital workplace and ensure business continuity by providing adoptable solutions with agility that address their needs effectively.

Become an agent for change

For many months now, we have been reinventing new ways to connect, learn, and make ourselves present for those we care about – both at home and at work.  And while juggling work-life balance is challenging for employees, it also requires creativity for organizations to rethink processes and reinvent ways to communicate and connect. After a long period apart, preserving identity and engagement is a top concern.

The world has undergone rapid change, and the pace of change can be overwhelming for customers. ​Organizations of all sorts – schools, hospitals, manufacturers - are going through trial and error processes in real-time. Experienced IT companies like yours – solution resellers, consultants, change management firms or service partners, are more important than ever before.

Transform in the Short Term, Empower in the Long Term

With more than 15 years in the market, BindTuning is the foundation for creating modern intranet experiences in SharePoint & Office 365 in less time and for a fraction of the cost. Our Design and Build subscriptions provide easy to use tools for brand identity and powerful communication and collaboration features.​ When in 2019 we introduced our toolbox for boosting Microsoft Teams, we set out to help customers have a similar experience, making it more than just a “Skype for Business replacement”.

As a consultant, change management firm or solution provider, you have probably demonstrated Microsoft Teams as the hub for teamwork numerous times. With the addition of the BindTuning Teams Collaboration Spaces, the value of Microsoft Teams is enhanced with added apps and tools that will help customers perform better. Industry news, stock market information, training videos, useful quick links, answers to their FAQs and so many more crucial integrations and configurations can be put in place by you, as a partner.

Besides accelerating the development stage, our features for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams give end-users a seamless content creation experience. No longer do users need to know the specifics of SharePoint lists to add new content – instead, user-friendly editing forms allow them to keep content fresh.

This means that not only you are transforming intranets and teams in the short term; you are also empowering business users, like marketing, internal communications and others, in the long run. This will free your team to engage in higher value-added activities, opening up business opportunities for your company and engaging with your customers in new ways.

Partner-to-Partner Opportunities

Having appealing layouts, smoother deployment and easy configurations, done through a user-friendly settings panel, our target audience ranges from IT admins to power users. Our solution, however, still sits on top of SharePoint and the Microsoft 365 suite. This means our customers will often benefit from the combined expertise of our product engineers and our network of service partners, consultancy firms and/or change management experts to better understand SharePoint information architecture, work around permissions and decide how best to leverage the Microsoft ecosystem for their own benefit.

Our joint value proposition for customers looking to refresh or build their corporate portals is to create a richer intranet experience, than the one available out-of-the-box. Accelerated by the BindTuning framework and with the added consulting expertise and business knowledge from partners, rapid development that complies to customer requirements is achievable.

Partners will benefit from the opportunity to extend their business offering and add an additional recurring revenue stream, while at the same time accelerating development times and boosting visibility.

Join our Partner Program

Join our Partner Program

When asked what BindTuning brings to the table, current partners emphasize our forward-thinking designs, ease of deployment and use, our approachable and knowledgeable team and the proficiency our products add to any project, for a fair price. This is the kind of service we would like to keep providing to a growing network of worldwide partners – one which we would like to count you in.

Together, we can ensure your customers’ business continuity by providing solutions with agility that address customer needs effectively and which are easily adopted. Schedule a meeting with me and let’s get started!