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Works with:

Build with Web Parts for SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

Automate 365
Powerful Features

Align seamlessly with your company's best practices with automated workflows that empower users to self-serve. Foster productivity while ensuring that policies, rules, and security measures are consistently in place.


Create Your Custom Templates

Where users become power users - Automate 365 emerges as a standout solution for streamlining workspace provisioning:

  • Templates for the entire Microsoft stack.
  • No-code solution. Skip the scripts and no more PowerShell.
  • Comprehensive and detailed workspace templates.
  • Centralized template gallery keeps your templates accessible & organized.
Controlled Self-Service Provisioning

Controlled Self-Service Provisioning

Automate365 enables end-users to initiate independent workspace requests while providing essential guardrails:

Data-Driven Provisioning

Automate 365 improves provisioning by integrating real-time data to create and update workspaces in response to data changes:

  • Integrate with data from other internal sources, Microsoft-based or not.
  • Workspaces are tailored to each specific purpose, rather than mere clones:
  • Launch new Teams when a supplier is added to CRM;
  • Create a Planner task when a new event is added to an Excel file.
Data-Driven Provisioning

Provisioning at-scale

Automate 365 supports high-demand business scenarios and enables the simultaneous creation of numerous workspaces:

Lifecycle Management & Governance

Exciting features are on the horizon for Automate365:

  • Lifecycle Management enhancements.
  • Governance. Maintain control and compliance effortlessly.
  • Data Insights. Harness data for smarter decisions.
Lifecycle Management and Governance
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