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Make a difference by promoting wellness in your workforce.

Improve your company's performance and productivity by promoting wellness in your distributed workforce, using Microsoft Teams.

Employee Wellness Starter Kit

At BindTuning we did the heavy-lifting for you - carefully crafting a template for Microsoft Teams that drives a culture of happiness and wellbeing at the office and at home. The Employee Wellness Starter Kit incorporates best practices, selected content, and ready-to-go ideas so employees feel cared for and healthier. So what's included?


Promote a more active life, even for remote workers - organize group sessions and workouts, share curated content, and promote the sharing of workout@home photos.


No more coke and donuts for breakfast! Share tips on how to eat strategically for a more productive work day, provide "work from home" shopping lists and brain-boost recipes.


Prevent stress, anxiety and burnout in your workforce by promoting mindfulness and meditation practices. Organize group meditations, and encourage peaceful breaks.


Prevent work-related health conditions. Provide guidance towards a more ergonomic home workspace, with useful tips, assets, stretching routines and checklists.

  • Employee wellness Ergonomics channel
  • stretching routines
  • Employee wellness Fitness channel
  • Curated workouts
  • Employee home workout photos
  • Employee wellness Mindfulness channel
  • Recorded meditations
  • Group meditations calendar
  • Employee wellness Nutrition channel
  • productivity recipes
  • Healthy shopping list

What you get

Drive a culture of wellbeing throughout your newly-remote workforce, during the pandemic. This template includes tips, checklists, videos, guidance, calendars, and more, to help your employees cope with the challenges of working remotely.

Your remote wellness plan

Support your remote workforce to stay healthy and more productive, by addressing fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and ergonomics.

A global sense of belonging

Promote company values and reinforce a sense of belonging even working remotely, with group workout sessions and meditations.

The company at home

Provide a place for employees to share a little bit of their homes with teammates, by creating shared photo galleries in Teams.

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