Let’s be 100% honest - kicking-off a custom-built project can be hard: customer requirements are not always clear from the start and building a PoC (Proof of Concept) can be determinant in impressing a customer and winning a project. What about an alternative that allows you to build amazing, best practice templates for Office 365 and Microsoft Teams in no time? Let me introduce you to BindTuning Templates.

For the past couple of years, we have been crafting over 70 business-specific templates, which are super simple to deploy, and allow for the automated creation of sites (in O365) and teams (in Microsoft Teams). BindTuning Templates have proved to be incredible pre-sales tools by our existing partners.

  • For Microsoft 365, templates automatically apply a theme, configure web parts and add demo content to pre-existent sites. All within minutes.
  • For Microsoft Teams, they automatically create the team, add proper channels, add and configure tabs, and in some cases, add demo content.

With BindTuning Templates, you will craft amazing, tailored demos in no-time. When you register as a BindTuning Partner, it affords you access to all BindTuning products to deploy internally, in your own demo environment. You may have sample starter kits, industry-specific, pre-deployed and ready to demo a superb Modern Workplace scenario for all kinds of customers.

Create your own Best Practices Templates

Many companies manually create hundreds of site collections every month, which have to comply to a certain standard. What if, there was an easy way for you, as a Partner, to help them do custom deployments at scale, such as:

  • supporting the creation of team sites for marketing campaigns.
  • create project management sites, or project management teams.
  • control the structure and facilitate the creation of departmental sites.

Automate 365 is the answer to assist you in providing a solution for all types of custom scalability requirements.

As a BindTuning Partner, you may leverage Automate 365 in two ways:

  • to create your own best practices template, deploying it to your customers environment. Read more about how Claranet Portugal accelerated Microsoft Teams adoption during outbreak
  • to resell it to your customers and add your services on top of it to build their specific department or project templates

Take control over governance, automate the deployment of sites and teams and ensure a future-proof solution which provides version control and error control.

“In this COVID-19, it became highlighted that “the need” is the main driver to adopt this kind of collaborative technology. Technological evolution has brought about some changes, and change is now the new constant in every organization or industry. As Workplace Transformation is our focus, in Claranet we truly believe that is essential to ensure the involvement and comfort of people during technology adoption, so during this period there were three major objectives for us, to guarantee the technological setup, to promote the adoption of technology and to provide continuous support to our customers. Automate 365 from Bindtuning was indeed an accelerator and scalable tool in this process.”
Rafael Sardinha, Journey & Adoption Lead at Claranet Portugal​

Join our Partner Program

Join our Partner Program

When asked what BindTuning brings to the table, current partners emphasize our forward-thinking designs, ease of deployment and use, our approachable and knowledgeable team and the proficiency our products add to any project, for a fair price. This is the kind of service we would like to keep providing to a growing network of worldwide partners – one which we would like to count you in.

Together, we can ensure your customers’ business continuity by providing solutions with agility that address customer needs effectively and which are easily adopted. Schedule a meeting with me and let’s get started!