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Today, we highlight our partnership with PROGEL, based in Italy as part of our Partner Program series.

When a company has been in business for over 30 years, we know that the “secret sauce” must include passion, trust, competency, high-quality standards, and an engaged team. With proven experience across all industries, PROGEL’s solutions go way beyond Modern Workplace and across Cloud Infrastructure and Data & AI practices to offer customers a holistic view of their challenges and a better journey to the cloud.

The articulation between PROGEL’s solution offerings, its Managed Services practice and regular workshops make them truly reliable sources of trust and knowledge for their customers, who can safely focus on their own business priorities.

Digital Transformation in Covid-19

Founded in 1988, PROGEL Spa, has been helping organizations in their Digital Transformation efforts and they have certainly seen a lot of change in the technological landscape but certainly not as much as since the pandemic started.

We worked hard to guarantee the full functioning of our customers' services. Themes such as responsibility and safety have always been among the core values ​​and obviously they are even more so today. Remote services can represent a fundamental tool to help companies face difficulties and drive them towards the consolidation of the technologies implemented during an emergency.
Matteo Querzè, Productivity & Training Solutions Manager, PROGEL

Aware of the impact that COVID-19 had on businesses, PROGEL expanded its offering of a set of solutions thought to support business' transition to remote working smoothly and securely, from Windows Virtual Desktop to Remote Monitoring, Teams & Video Conference and Remote Support.

Piano di Contingenza Pandemica Starter Kit

Challenged by BindTuning, and inspired by BindTuning’s Outbreak Preparedness Starter Kit, PROGEL also expanded its Teams Personalization services, with the co-development of the Piano di Contingenza Pandemica Starter Kit for Microsoft Teams. Addressing the needs for heightened planning and communication during the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy, the starter kit automatically installs a working team with relevant channels and tabs with pre-populated content, including: news from national and local reliable sources, procedures and regulations, social media feeds, FAQs, training videos, etc. Deployment is completed in less than 15 minutes and the kit is 100% localized to Italian.

Piano di Contingenza Pandemica Starter Kit is a great help for customers to support them at this stage. The kit offers different thematic channels in which to find all the necessary information: news and statistics, the new rules to keep in the company upon return, training courses on prevention practices.
Matteo Querzè, Productivity & Training Solutions Manager, PROGEL

Keeping the workforce trained, up to date and connected is extremely important during the pandemic but having the right set of channels and tabs in place is critical to ensure an adequate information architecture in the backend and the long-term sustainability of the team. The starter kit helps organizations kick-off or expand their use of Microsoft Teams in a structured way and for partners, it can be an appealing free tool to approach customers with a set of best practices, starting a conversation around these topics and staging a long-term relationship of managed services and support.

PROGEL and SharePoint Branding

Our relationship with PROGEL goes way back, before the pandemic. We have worked together since 2015, when BindTuning was exclusively focused in branding. Leveraging BindTuning Themes, and the online customizer, PROGEL's ability to customize all versions of SharePoint on-premises within reduced time and budget, significantly accelerates the delivery timeframe for their customers, allowing them to focus on other activities.

Our online customizer, a no-code, visual tool, creates room for other creative teams to contribute, from the customer design and marketing departments, enhancing the result and streamlining the delivery process.

PROGEL has chosen BindTuning as a partner because its themes are captivating and easy to use. Many customers are satisfied with the result of this synergy and that is why we continue to offer BindTuning designs to our customers.
Matteo Querzè, Productivity & Training Solutions Manager, PROGEL

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  • Location: Argelato, Bologna, Italy
  • Founded: 1998
  • Microsoft Partner: 12 Gold Microsoft Competencies - inc. Cloud Productivity, Collaboration & Content
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