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Spend more time delivering and less time configuring Office 365

The anticipation for BindTuning Provisioning Engine 1.0 has been overwhelming and we invite to join us for a live 30-minute pre-release demo session  where we’ll unveil  the new desktop app from BindTuning.

See for yourself how easy it is to deliver fully functional and richly designed intranets and portals. Integrated with Office 365, the BindTuning Provisioning Engine desktop app provisions pre-configured web parts, themes, tools and pre-configured business templates automatically - without writing a single line of code.

Join us! Pre-Release Demo: BindTuning Provisioning Engine Desktop App

During the demo, we’ll show the power of the app by deploying a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Activity Hub for Office 365. Setting up your own GDPR Activity Hub can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. BindTuning makes it easy. With the BindTuning Provisioning Engine desktop app, you can deploy every component of the GDPR Activity Hub – an open source starter kit in one single step.

Make sure you tune in to get a guided tour of the new BindTuning Provisioning Engine and see firsthand the speed in which our new templates can help you tackle your pressing business needs, such as GDPR compliance. We'll answer your questions immediately following the demo, so you can get started with confidence as soon as it is released.

Wednesday, February 28th - 9:30AM PST / 12:30PM EST / 5:30PM UTC

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