Beyond MS Stream: How to embed all of your videos, regardless of where they are hosted, into your Office 365 intranet. Even for Classic SharePoint sites.

MS Stream has undergone some remarkable improvements, and given the new features Microsoft has rolled out, you gotta ask - will MS Stream fit my needs? Let’s look at an all too common scenario..

Kick Start Gym has a popular YouTube channel with hundreds of followers. They heavily promote their workout videos on the company website and social media. They also have a Vidyard video account, where hundreds of videos are stored and shared with their clients. Since they are using Office 365, they also use MS Teams and record the meetings and webinars with MS Stream.

They’ve invested hundreds of hours (maybe more) to upload, categorize and curate their video libraries. Integrating their YouTube and Vidyard content into their Office 365 intranet, simply makes sense. So, why not use MS Stream for this? It’s a powerful tool. But for volumes of videos already uploaded in external portals? Not the best solution, unless they want to upload them each individually again.

MS Stream PLUS BindTuning Responsive Video

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then the latest version of Responsive Video Web Part is responsive to your needs! The best solution for Kick Start Gym (and possibly for you, too) is a combination of MS Stream and BindTuning Responsive Video.

MS Stream is the perfect choice for meetings, presentations, and webinars. The facial recognition, speech-to-text and search capabilities are extremely powerful. But with BindTuning Responsive Video you can embed existing video content from any number of external video providers like YouTube, Vidyard and more. Plus, if you are using Classic SharePoint, Responsive Video Web Part links to your MS Stream videos, too. Currently, there is no web part for MS Stream videos for Classic SharePoint. All of your video content in one place for any and all versions of SharePoint.

Responsive Video Web Part

BindTuning Responsive Video Web Part is compatible with all versions of SharePoint and supports these Video Portals and File Formats:

  • Brightcove
  • MS Stream
  • Panopto
  • Video Portal
  • Vidyard
  • Vimeo
  • Vzaar
  • Wistia
  • YouTube
  • PLUS Mp4 and generic file formats

Responsive Video and 15 other feature-rich web parts are included in the BindTuning Enterprise Intranet Plan(s). They include customizable and brand-able themes, our comprehensive web part bundle, pre-configured industry templates and the engine driving the deployment of all our products, Clutch desktop app. Dynamic, engaging intranet sites are deployed in minutes with no hassle, no coding.