Continuing in our Build your Workspace series on making the most of BindTuning products, learn how to keep content fresh on your intranet with minimal effort. Add dynamic content to any page using BindTuning Smart Tiles functionality, giving you the freedom to do other work, knowing content on your site is constantly getting refreshed.

Fresh content, thanks to Smart Tiles

It’s not the setup, but the upkeep where the true challenge lies for so many intranet administrators. Keeping content fresh and timely shouldn’t be an afterthought and Pedro Leite from our Customer and Partner Success Team is here to help. BindTuning is here to help you keep your intranet viable – a place your end users can rely upon with content that is up to date and accurate. Putting measures in place during the set up will save you hundreds of man-hours later. BindTuning’s Smart functionality is built-in, allowing you to map pre-existing content already available in your SharePoint lists, in RSS feeds and more to be displayed automatically on your pages using our Tiles, Slider and other products. We leverage Microsoft’s Power Automate as it is a low-code platform to get this done.

Follow along as Pedro pulls content from an RSS feed (very current content!) to display in colorful Tiles in this introductory guide.

[EXCERPT] Keeping content constantly updated can, sometimes, become a tedious chore. This same procedure can lead to the lack of 'fresh-content' which, in turn, decreases user adoption and interaction. If you're wanting to minimize this same cycle, constantly adding dynamic content to your SharePoint portal, this is the article for you. [keep reading...]

Stay BindTuned

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