It’s a glorious day for corporate communications and marketing managers! Today, I am happy to introduce you to our latest feature for SharePoint – the Social Web Part and our Social Hub Template.

Go ahead and gather up all your social feeds - Twitter, Yammer, Instagram and even Pinterest - and drop them on any SharePoint page with our latest web part - Social. You control how they look - choose how many Tweets to show, display Facebook events, friends, even your Facebook cover photo.

“We just installed it today and our Marketing Department loves it, great work!” – Brian Zwart, IT Manager, American Engineering Testing, Inc.

Adding social feeds with Social Web Part requires no coding. Simply enter your profile, display settings into the web part panel and it's live on your site. So easy, anyone can set it up in a matter of minutes.

The Social Web Part is available now in both the Enterprise Intranet and Enterprise Intranet + Automation subscription plans. Our subscription plans entitle you to new product updates (like Social) as soon as we roll them out. Take it for a 30-day spin. Simply open a BindTuning account to get started!

But wait…there’s more!

Starting today, we are making available at no additional charge, the Social Media Hub Template – a very cool starter kit, designed specifically for your social media needs for both Modern and Classic SharePoint.

Give your users a complete snapshot of your company’s social media presence on one, beautifully designed page. Drop in YouTube and other videos using our Responsive Video web part. With the Social Hub page template, your social media presence will be shared with your entire organization in less time than it takes to get your morning coffee and blueberry scone (yes, I’m hungry).

Get the Social Hub Template NOW

Download the Social Hub Template by simply creating an account on ALL of our templates are available to you for no charge, including the Social Hub. After you create your account, simply navigate to the “My Downloads” tab and go to Templates. There you’ll find Social Hub and all our free templates that will give you a jump start on your intranet. Deployed in minutes, using our provisioning engine.