On Sunday, July 15, 2018 we held our very first BindTuning Partner Awards 2018 ceremony at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. Our awards ceremony coincided with the first night of Microsoft Inspire Conference. We are excited to introduce you to our TWO (yes, two!) winners this year:

Dell EMC: BindTuning Partner of the Year '18

One of the world’s largest food companies - Tyson Foods - struggled with several legacy intranets on various versions of SharePoint. With over 114,000 employees in hundreds of offices and facilities worldwide, their intranet was not widely used, was out of date, did not include any social presence, and was definitely not mobile friendly.

Dell EMC partnered with BindTuning to successfully deliver a solution where the cost and time to deploy was significantly reduced versus traditional intranet deployment models. Utilizing BindTuning themes and web parts to offer a lower cost, time conscious way to deploy a feature-rich intranet revolutionized the way in which the large multinational worked.

The Tyson Foods Intranet was not only featured at Microsoft Ignite 2017, but also won Best Intranet Solution for User Experience, Design & Content Management at Intra.NET Reloaded in Boston, earlier this year. Read the Tyson Foods Case Study.

For the complexity of the client challenge, the comprehensiveness of the solution and its business impact, along with the partners’ technical ability and understanding of BindTuning UX Framework, DELL EMC was awarded 2018 BindTuning Partner of the Year Award.

Happy Wired: BindTuning Modern Digital Transformation Of The Year '18

Since 1750, Finlays has been a premier supplier of tea, coffee and natural ingredients for the global beverage industry. With a global network of locations, Finlay operations span across plantations, extraction, trading and sourcing, R&D, packing and customer support. By mid-2017, Finlays was done struggling with siloed employees and shadow IT due to a poorly implemented and adopted SharePoint Intranet. No central communication across the group and individual departments resulted in non-standardized systems and ways of working.

Happy Wired delivered a departmental team site template based on products from BindTuning. The new team site provided a standard, central focal point for carrying out daily tasks, including document management, calendar, links, profiles, and a news solution. Each department could customize their site to meet their needs while ensuring that all files and relevant work was stored within the enterprise. Happy Wired configured BindTuning components and integrated BindTuning products with other applications, namely Microsoft Flow. The end result resulted in a comprehensive solution that improved the usability for Finlay end users with a widespread impact on security, governance, flexible working, communication and management.

Because of the successful project at Finlays, as well as for their enthusiastic engagement as a BindTuning Partner throughout the year, Happy Wired was awarded 2018 Modern Digital Transformation of the Year.

We would like to thank all of our partners, especially the following runner-ups:

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