Mar 13, 2019

On demand

12h 30m

Intranets can require a considerable amount of customization to get them to match an organization’s brand. And while the new Modern Experience expanded the possibilities, it also limited your branding options and what you can achieve with your SharePoint Intranet designs.

In this webinar we will show why intranet branding is so important for your employees, even on SharePoint, and how you can achieve intranet consistency in Modern SharePoint.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Why should you customize your Modern SharePoint Intranet?
  • What branding options do you have?
  • How to achieve intranet consistency? Theme Settings Panel
    • Customize UI Elements on Modern SharePoint;
    • Fine tune your SharePoint Intranet Navigation;
    • Advanced Coding (for developers) for more branding options;


Webinar BindTuning Theme Settings Panel

and a short participation of our Digital Marketing Specialist, Cláudia Pereira.