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BindTuning has announced the release of software licenses for Automate365, an automated deployment engine, which can be used to deploy both BindTuning products and third-party solutions for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

BindTuning is the leading all-in-one platform for building connected and engaging workplaces in SharePoint and Office 365. With Automate365, independent software vendors (ISVs), managed services providers, and systems integrators gain access to a powerful deployment engine that streamlines their workflows and scales the delivery of initial product deployments, software patches, and feature updates. Automate365 will also speed up the deployment of intranet sites that need to reflect consistent branding and functionalities, such as internal team sites and customer portals.

Automate365 enables providers to package multiple workflows and dependencies into a single solution that can be easily customized to meet the requirements of different customers. The result is faster, consistent and error- free deployments of proprietary software products, technology solutions, and intranet sites.

“We’re very excited about releasing Automate365 for widespread use,” said Beatriz Oliveira, Microsoft MVP and CEO/Founder of BindTuning. “We know that service providers have an ongoing need to deploy their products in a consistent manner. But until now they didn’t have an easy way to manage what is typically a highly complex process. With Automate365, they can scale their efforts and better serve their customers.”

Automate365 and Storyals

Automate365 has already been implemented by Storyals, an Ed-Tech startup that helps companies increase user adoption of Microsoft Office 365 by providing highly engaging, story-based tutorials. Customers access Storyals training via custom portals from within their own Office 365 environment. Prior to working with BindTuning, Storyals had no way to automate the customization, packaging and deployment of their learning sites.

“Our collaboration with BindTuning provided us with an extraordinary opportunity to offer direct input into the features that should be built into Automate365,” said Ulrika Hedlund, Founder of Storyals. “Ours was a highly productive partnership, one that completely transformed our business model. We were able to leverage Automate365 to efficiently scale our capacity and revamp our product offering to include the newly launched Microsoft 365 learning pathways (formerly known as Custom Learning for Office 365) into our solution. With BindTuning and Automate365 we can now easily provide customers with branded Storyals learning portals.”

Licensing subscriptions will be available starting late May 2019. Existing BindTuning customers will need to purchase a separate subscription to access Automate365. All licensing agreements include permission for white label use, which is made easier thanks to multiple built-in design features that help customers to match their corporate branding. To learn more, visit

BindTuning and Storyals will also be hosting a live webinar to discuss how Automate 365 and Storyals are transforming how businesses remain competitive in today’s market. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 11:00 am EST. We invite you to register here.

About Storyals

Storyals provides organizations with a new, modern way of inspiring and educating employees on how to work smarter using Office 365. Their learning portals offer high quality content that simplifies the transition to Office 365 through video-based storytelling. Leading companies around the world trusts Storyals to drive employee adoption and the effective use of Office 365.

About BindTuning

BindTuning is the leading platform for building connected and engaged workplaces for SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. It includes all the tools you need for creating modern intranet experiences, driving user adoption, providing easier ways for sharing information and transforming the way teams communicate and collaborate.

The BindTuning framework is being used by some of the world’s leading brands and organizations, with over 20,000 businesses since 2011.