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BindTuning, the leading online provider of processes for creating customized websites, web themes, and SharePoint™ designs quickly and easily without developers or coding, today announced BindTuning Theme Trials for Office 365, the industry’s only free trials for customizing branding on Microsoft SharePoint™ and Office 365™ websites.

BindTuning Theme Trials for SharePoint and Office 365 allows companies and organizations to test alternative branding and designs in their real-life Office 365 environment before making a final decision. At no cost, users can experiment with different design options and branding alternatives to get their internet and intranet websites closer to a final design with zero risks and no impact on their budgets.

“Branding creation and testing are not exact sciences. These processes require tough decisions, multiple changes, and last-minute alterations,” said Beatriz Oliveira, founder and CEO of BindTuning. “So when you evaluate alternative branding approaches for your website or SharePoint installation, you need the flexibility to test every aspect and make sure it’s exactly what you want –and that it works right—without breaking your budget. We think the flexibility of BindTuning Trials for SharePoint and Office 365 will make it the tool of choice for organizations worldwide that need branding consistency across all their locations and content management systems.”

The Advantages of BindTuning Theme Trials for SharePoint and Office 365

BindTuning Theme Trials for SharePoint and Office 365 offer customers and prospects multiple advantages not available from any other company. These include the ability to:

  • Customize every trial to see which design fits best.
  • Try every possible design combination, including fonts and colors.
  • Evaluate new designs without fear of complications by testing to make sure that everything works right in your own SharePoint environment.
  • View different combinations on all devices from mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms.
  • Turn a trial theme into a full version without losing a single customization with one mouse click.

BindTuning Trials for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 themes include the same SharePoint features as a full-version theme. Once uploaded to the website, staffers located anywhere can collaborate to arrive at a final design faster and more smoothly.

“The BindTuning Office 365 SharePoint product is a unique solution that helps clients quickly build mobile-ready SharePoint solutions from start to finish,” said Roland Icard, Director of Business & Tech Integration at Avanade. “By leveraging BindTuning SharePoint Theme we have been able to help clients build customized solutions with compressed design and implementation timelines.”

BindTuning Trials for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 is available immediately.

About BindTuning

BindTuning is the leading platform for building connected and engaged workplaces for SharePoint and Office 365. It includes all the tools you need for creating modern intranet experiences, driving user adoption, providing easier ways for sharing information and transforming the way teams communicate and collaborate. BindTuning can be easily setup to work with all your existing SharePoint data, and can be deployed in 50% of the time for 70% less cost, when compared to traditional approaches.

The BindTuning framework is being used by some of the world’s leading brands and organizations, with over 20,000 businesses since 2011.