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New offering allows designers to sell their HTML, CSS, and Javascript theme/skins on BindTuning®. Once uploaded, the theme will work on SharePoint, Office365, DotNetNuke, Kentico, Umbraco, Orchard, Drupal and other web content management platforms.

BindTuning®, the leader in custom theme/skin creation for SharePoint, Office365, DotNetNuke, Orchard, Kentico, Umbraco, Drupal and others, today announced the opening of the BindTuning store to developers. Designers can now create and sell their themes through BindTuning using the BindEngine® technology. The BindEngine® technology solves three problems for designers: one theme now can support many platforms, responsive design, so themes can run on any device, and unlimited color selection for customizing look and feel of theme.

“This is a historic day for BindTuning®. We are opening our store for developers to build and sell their designs using the BindEngine®. Web designers today typically support one platform due to the cost and time needed to learn a new platform. I was no different. I was a DNN designer who was the top seller on Snowcovered, the old DNN store. I wanted to build my themes/skins for Kentico and SharePoint but didn’t have the time to learn those platforms. I kept thinking there must be a better way. That is why we developed BindTuning and the BindEngine® technology. Once the theme is submitted by the designer and processed by the BindEngine®, it can run on any supported platform,” said Beatriz Oliveira, founder and CEO. “For example, a DotNetNuke designer can now sell their DNN theme/skin for SharePoint or vice versa.”

Designers understand the challenge of producing compelling and intuitive designs but face the daunting need to ensure that their designs run efficiently on any device. Responsive design, or sometimes referred to as adaptive design, is the need for a site to be able to change and fit the device on which it is being viewed. "Responsive design is the ideal way for designers and developers to successfully support all types of devices on their websites. With the increase in the number of mobile users, it is essential that the user experience is not hindered by websites that are created with only the desktop in mind," said the Google Developers Group of Portugal. Responsive web design is the ability to run your website efficiently and smoothly on any device, from tablets, phones, iwatches, TV’s, and, eventually, Google Glasses. The BindEngine® Responsive Design technology can support most any device. Designers no longer need to waste time testing their themes on every device, knowing that BindTuning has already done the work for them. “This is the power and beauty of BindTuning,” said Beatriz.

Last month, BindTuning surveyed our customers, and to our delight, the features which every customer said they liked most about BindTuning was the ability to customize the theme. "BindTuning saves me the labor and time to find one (a theme) that matches my client’s style and logo colors. Now I just choose a great interface and create a unique skin in minutes that matches my needs perfectly,” said Wendy Hauschildt of Blue Starfish Design ( This is at the heart of the BindEngine® technology: the power to customize your theme. “In today’s environment it is no longer good enough to support four or five color combinations when the market is expecting theme stores to offer thousands of color combinations,” said Beatriz. The BindEngine® allows the user to customize color, font, and many other features of a normal theme/skin. Its competitors, by contrast, sell static themes which support only one platform and at most four color combinations. “The reason I only use BindTuning vs. the other theme stores is because of their customization tool. The other theme stores I’ve found give you the option of only a couple colors but with BindTuning I can pick the exact color I need. This is critical if I’m trying to match a color scheme to a company’s specific color,” said Karla Shelton, Chief Digital Strategist of Findeight (

BindTuning was opened in 2011 and, in a very short time period, has helped thousands of customers roll out responsive, customizable themes on a dozen platforms. Two short years later, we are opening our store so designers can resell their designs, taking full advantage of the BindEngine’s customization, responsive design, and platform translation features.

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