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BindTuning, the leading online provider of processes for creating customized websites, web branding, and SharePoint™ designs beautifully, quickly, and simply, today announced The BindTuning Web Parts Library for Microsoft SharePoint® 2013 and Office 365.

“The new Library allows SharePoint administrators to supply what no one could before—SharePoint sites more beautiful, easy to design, and end-user friendly,” said BindTuning CEO Beatriz Oliveira. “So, whether SharePoint administrators are building intranets, external sites, or both, BindTuning's new Web Parts Library will help develop SharePoint tools so users anywhere communicate interactively, quickly, and easily. That’s why we say our web parts deliver a ‘You-oriented User Interface,’ or YUI™. In the future, branded intranets will build a bridge from social media collaboration to collaborative networking for improved communications worldwide.”

Largest Library Available

BindTuning’s new Library of SharePoint Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint® 2013 and Office 365 establishes a benchmark as the industry’s most innovative library for designing and branding SharePoint sites. The Library comprises nine new web parts—Tiles, Slider, Calendar, Documents, Filters, Maps, Responsive Video, QuickLinks, and Alerts—to give SharePoint developers more latitude to design intranets that work on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets. End users anywhere will be able to access SharePoint content easily, intuitively, and quickly.

BindTuning's nine web parts

Using the Library’s nine new web parts, SharePoint administrators can:

  • Tiles: Create tiled interfaces, integrating content from different SharePoint data sources, like news, events, and products, along with external data like Twitter or weather, within the same web part.
  • Slider: Display content and make data interactive at the same time, creating sliding interfaces. Great for image galleries, news rotators, events, products, and more.
  • Calendar: Create events with a milestone calendar, filter events to be displayed, and color-code events, making planning easy and intuitive.
  • Documents: Combine user experiences with filtering and on-site previews for a document display inside SharePoint, which engages users and provides the interactivity.
  • Filters: Display SharePoint lists data in interesting and intuitive ways powered by automatic metadata-based filtering. Customize and connect to any type of content.
  • Maps: Add visual maps integrated with SharePoint data and use UI elements like icon markers and HTML captions.
  • Responsive Video: Add videos to SharePoint sites straight from the Video Portal, YouTube or Vimeo so users can watch demonstrations, tutorials, and instructions on any device.
  • Quick Links: Display favorite links where needed with colorful and distinctive icons, using custom targeting options.
  • Alerts: Centrally manage alerts and toast notifications within site collections with alert layouts, targeting individual users or security groups in the Active Directory.

“We are very pleased with our intranet’s new brand identity based on your BindTuning theme and web parts,” said David Burman, Senior Business Systems Analyst at S&C Electric Company of Chicago, IL. “Our SharePoint intranet has never looked better, and your web parts allow us to easily add cool functionality that we would never have had time to develop ourselves.”

BindTuning’s new Library of SharePoint Web Parts for SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft Office 365 is available immediately. To order, request a trial, schedule a demo, or become a partner, go to

About BindTuning

BindTuning is the leading platform for building connected and engaged workplaces for SharePoint and Office 365. It includes all the tools you need for creating modern intranet experiences, driving user adoption, providing easier ways for sharing information and transforming the way teams communicate and collaborate. BindTuning can be easily setup to work with all your existing SharePoint data, and can be deployed in 50% of the time for 70% less cost, when compared to traditional approaches.

The BindTuning framework is being used by some of the world’s leading brands and organizations, with over 20,000 businesses since 2011.