March 20 - 22, 2024. BindTuning, along with our partner Devscope, will be a speaker and silver sponsor at the Operational Excellence & Business Transformation World Summit 2024 in Munich, Germany.

Don't miss our speaking session | March 21, 2024 at 12:00 pm

From Blueprint to Bricks: Creating Teams, Sites, and Guardrails for Consistent Operations

Feeling overwhelmed by inconsistent processes and scattered information? Tired of reinventing the wheel across teams and sites? This session is your blueprint for building a well-oiled organizational machine!

Microsoft Teams' pandemic boom created a "Wild West" of collaboration, with uncontrolled Teams, private SharePoint sites, and scattered OneDrive shares. Now, organizations face data silos, version chaos, and compliance nightmares. Taming this sprawl requires governance, defined ownership, user education, and data centralization tools to restore order and unlock the true potential of collaborative technologies.

Join us as we dive into the world of setting impactful internal best practices. We'll explore how to:

  • Define a clear "blueprint" for your processes and information architecture, ensuring clarity and efficiency across your teams and sites.
  • Create guardrails that are automatically enforced, freeing you to focus on strategic innovation.
  • Discover practical tools and techniques to build user-friendly sites, structure effective teams, and foster positive behavioral change.

Get ready to leave with actionable steps and a newfound confidence in streamlining your organization's operations.


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Why attend Operational Excellence & Business Transformation?

  • Learn from global companies at the forefront of operational excellence;
  • Effectively align people, process, and technology to drive continuous improvement;
  • Increase employee engagement to increase agility and operational resistance;
  • Capitalize on emerging technologies to achieve flexibility and productivity.

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