Let's explore effective strategies and best practices for nurturing these pillars within your organization, showcasing their transformative impact and overall organizational success, focusing on Work-life Balance & Well-being! Welcome to the third part of our blog series “6 Key Pillars for a Successful Intranet” as we will continue our exploration of the key pillars that contribute to an exceptional employee experience.

We will examine how technology, particularly the role of intranets, can serve as a powerful platform for facilitating a seamless and user-friendly environment that empowers employees to prioritize their well-being, engage in work-life integration.

6 Key Pillars for a Successful Intranet

Work-life Balance & Well-being

The conversation around employee wellness and work-life balance, sparked by the challenges of the pandemic, has brought these aspects to the forefront of organizational priorities. And the dialogue did not dissipate with the end of the pandemic. On the contrary, it has intensified as organizations recognize that the Millennials and Generation Z, who form a significant portion of the workforce, prioritize holistic wellbeing and work-life integration, more than any previous generation, seeking employers that support them in maintaining a healthy work-life integration.

Acknowledging its ongoing significance and adapting policies and practices to align with the evolving expectations of the workforce is therefore essential to deliver an employee experience that retains top talent.

Simple additions to your corporate intranet can demonstrate employers are considerate of the challenges employees may face, whether it's taking time off for personal commitments, prioritizing healthy eating, or accommodating diverse geographical locations. Thoughtful features include:

  • a shared calendar is available for tracking time off;
  • world clocks to schedule meetings across time zones or;
  • a curated list of healthy meal providers.

These features will not only enhance convenience and accessibility but also foster a sense of trust and respect.

Prioritizing employee mental, emotional, and social well-being

Organizations have also come to realize that prioritizing employees' mental, emotional, and social wellbeing is just as crucial as addressing their physical health. However, achieving holistic wellbeing requires strategies that go beyond investing in playful offices and ergonomic furniture:

  • embedding thought leadership content;
  • having a wellness ambassadors’ community;
  • creating a safe space for employees to share moments of joy or personal growth.

Embedding thought leadership content

Thought leadership content can play a significant role in driving mental health by providing valuable insights, resources, and support to individuals. It can help educate teams about mental health issues, raise awareness, and reduce stigma while providing easy access to thought leaders, experts, and professionals in the field of mental health who can provide valuable guidance through their content. You can easily embed thought leadership content in your intranet, sourced from reliable and trusted industry experts, through RSS Feeds or social media to continuously refresh your platform and demonstrate a genuine but practical concern for employee’s wellbeing.

Having a wellness ambassadors’ community

Having a dedicated group of employees who are passionate about promoting and supporting wellness initiatives can positively impact social wellbeing – the quality of an individual's relationships, interactions, and sense of belonging within an organization. These ambassadors can help raise awareness of programs, resources, and activities while also creating a supportive network where employees can seek advice, discuss challenges, share successes, and offer support to one another.

Creating a safe space for employees to share moments of joy or personal growth

By encouraging employees to share their personal experiences, employers enable teams to celebrate milestones, achievements, and happy moments together, strengthening relationships and building personal connections. Allowing employees to upload pictures of their joyful or personal moments – subject to approval workflows and strict guidelines – is an easy, fun way to do it.

Next up: Employee Communication & Recognition

In Part 3 of our blog post series, we have delved into Work-Life Balance & Well-being. We explored how simple additions to the corporate intranet can demonstrate employers' consideration for the challenges employees face in maintaining work-life balance and prioritizing their well-being. In Part 4, we will explore the importance of employee communication & recognition and how the intranet can serve as a platform to publicly acknowledge and celebrate employees' achievements and milestones.

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About the 6 Key Pillars for a Successful Intranet Series

Organizations that prioritize employee experience through their intranet platform are more likely to attract and retain top talent, foster a positive and engaged workforce, and drive overall organizational success.

By embracing the six key pillars of employee experience - culture and purpose, learning and development, work-life balance and well-being, recognition and rewards, teamwork and collaboration, and productivity and efficiency - organizations can unlock the power of technology to create an exceptional employee experience that sets them apart.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your employee experience and unlock the full potential of your intranet.