The "Sticky Editor" is a new plugin created by Carlos Silva, a BindTuning pHp developer, and was recently accepted by WordPress, being now part of the repository.


If you tend to create large amounts of content, the "Sticky editor" its definitely for you. When editing long blocks of content, text grows vertically, and scrolling up is necessary to use the mceToolbar (text formatting tool). With the "Sticky Editor" you have the option to freeze the Toolbar on your screen. This way, when writing long blocks of text, the editor is always available on top, no more scrolling needed!

"Sticky Editor" is available in version 1.2. The new version brings you the ability to freeze the toolbar either in visual or text modes (Version 1.0 only allowed freezing in visual mode). There is also the possibility to switch between the visual editor and text, and both elements appear or disappear only when the editor is visible on the page.

Download now and give it a try.