The new Weather Web Part is about to give your SharePoint intranet a serious upgrade!

Launching today, the new Weather Web Part for SharePoint and Office 365 gives your users the convenience of their local weather forecast, right where they need it. With complete and customizable weather information for each user regardless of their location.

Watch the live demo and find out more about the new Weather Web Part.

And that's not all!

Available for the SharePoint Modern Experience
Weather Web Part is also available for the Microsoft SharePoint Framework (SPFx) experience. That means you can easily display weather information on both classic and modern sites.

Complete daily weather information
With a world clock, Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature readings, weather averages/extremes, plus a 6-day forecast, Weather is a powerful web part for SharePoint.

Shows weather info based on your location
With Weather, you can type in a city or ask it to detect your location. With a single click, Weather can track your exact location and display the weather information accordingly. That's some serious upgrade!

Advanced weather integrations
Weather's advanced integrations with Yahoo! Weather (Free) and Weather Underground allows you to display vital weather information with incredible accuracy.

A layout for every season
You get to choose from a variety of layouts, from simple to bold, tiny to wide and have the right modern weather layout for your modern SharePoint intranet while providing your users a truly modern experience.

How can I get the new Weather Web Part?

Glad you asked. To get your hands on the new Weather web part you need to:

Have an active subscription? If you have an active subscription – even a trial one – the new web part is available right now in your account in the "My Downloads" area. As a subscriber, you get access to all of the web parts we release, right in your account for immediate use.

Don't have a subscription? Request a free trial subscription at and get access to the complete library of 12 web parts, including the new Weather Web Part. You can also request a free demo with one of our SharePoint experts.