Today we released yet another starter kit for Microsoft Teams - the Hospital Campus Starter Kit - to meet the needs of a distributed workforce at hospitals and other multi-location healthcare practices and physician groups.

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Campus-wide collaboration

Collaborate and communicate in Microsoft Teams across your entire hospital system. From the main campus, to wards and offices dispersed across various geographical locations, your staff remains connected. Share information hospital-wide - board messages, alerts, news, a staff directory, training sessions and campus maps. Each satellite location has its own channel for collaboration at the local level, too. Because this template is completely flexible, this starter kit is suitable for your use at multi-location medical practices and physician groups alike.

Similar to the Healthcare at Home Starter Kit released in March, the Hospital Campus Starter Kit includes sample data and pre-configured channels and tabs allowing you to quickly configure the template to your needs. Once deployed, you can craft an experience for hospital staff with functionality that is uniquely yours. A fully automated deployment, you'll have in minutes a pre-configured Microsoft Teams space (with sample data) for your entire hospital as well as within each wing or department.

What you get

A structured Microsoft Team workspace with 5 fully pre-configured channels for the hospital as well as each hospital wing. Sample data is included to help you illustrate scenarios and give you a quick start.

  • Hospital Home Tab
  • Video Message from the Board
  • Hospital-wide Alerts
  • Industry and Hospital News
  • Structure for staff directory
  • Map of Facilities and Locations
  • Searchable/Filterable Training Sessions
  • Personalized weather based on location

In addition to the standard Teams tabs, the Hospital Campus Starter Kit includes:

  • General Channel
    • Home - Colorful tiles provide a rich interface to hospital metrics, patient feedback, important messages and other campus-wide information.
    • Messages from the Board - Share video messages in a slider format.
    • Alerts - Communicate campus-wide alerts where users spend their time, in Teams.
    • News - Link to important hospital news.
    • Our Team - Create a staff directory with quick links to phones, emails and more.
    • Locations - Display the campus locations on a map with customizable location details.
    • Training - Link to training content and videos.
    • Weather - Personalized, local weather forecasts and alerts for each location
  • Main Campus
    • Healthcare Analytics
    • Huddle Planner
  • North Campus
    • High Risk Patient Docs
  • South Campus
  • West Campus

The Hospital Campus Starter Kit is powered by BindTuning apps for Microsoft Teams - interchangeable for flexible use on any tab.

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At BindTuning we're doing our part during the current pandemic, to deliver resources to get your teams up-to-speed in no time, when working remotely in Microsoft Teams. We are offering a 3-month free subscription for this and all of our starter kits. Simply create a BindTuning account to get started.

If you need further guidance, we are also offering a free Microsoft Teams Assessment to help you speed up your deployment. We'll outline possible scenarios to help you make the most out of Microsoft Teams and Office 365.