This year, we have increased our commitment to you with a team that is tasked to transform the way we react, guide and partner with you, ensuring you achieve your long-term goals. In 2018, our Customer Success Team has revamped processes and revised tools that are having a positive impact on our customers and improving product adoption. Let me step you through some of the changes we have made this year for your continued success.

React | Customer Support

Good customer support reacts to your needs - creating a clearer path for you to get the help you require. You can reach our dedicated support engineering team either through our Support Page or simply send us an email. Opening a ticket couldn’t be easier. Starting January 1st, we will eliminate the need for you to have a separate login to submit support requests through BindTuning Support Page. With single-sign-on (SSO), you will only need your BindTuning account to submit support requests. No more separate logins required!

Guide | Customer Service

If customer support is reactive, initiated and terminated by the customer, customer service is proactive, focused on preventing issues, anticipating needs and enabling you to build your own success. This year we’ve made changes to ensure you have the right information when you need it:
  • Created new, discoverable and more relatable categories in our KB:
    • Getting Started. Key Lessons to get you started with BindTuning Themes, Web Parts and Clutch
    • Frequently Asked Questions. Monitoring patterns in tickets, we answer the most frequently raised issues.
    • Tips & Tricks. So much you can achieve with BindTuning – get some great advice and tips.
    • Product Change Log. Find out what we have been improving and fixing in our monthly product releases
    • Known Issues and Troubleshooting. Understand limitations of out-of-the box SharePoint, the SPFx framework and other BindTuning products and find fixes to most common issues.
  • Incorporated and restructured our Setup & Configuration Guides (formerly called User Guides) into the Knowledge Base.
  • Added a new series of BindTuning 101 videos to our YouTube channel and making sure they are accessible directly from the “Videos” section in our Knowledge Base.

Partner | Customer Success

Everything comes down to partnering with you to proactively help you achieve your long-term goals. This requires a series of cross-team efforts to set expectations right from the beginning, improve product usage and adoption, timely detect and correct bugs reported, and respond to customer feedback and product improvement suggestions with agility.

With this in mind, we are more closely aligning our product development roadmap with customer feedback and suggestions shared through BindTuning UserVoice. Our Product Development Team reviews all UserVoice suggestions, so we encourage you to leverage the platform. We commit to giving you timely feedback, not only on whether they will be implemented but also when.

Our goal is to always be approachable and to give you an easy point of contact from BindTuning. We recommend that you reach out through us either through our Support Page or through our website, via live chat, as both ensure faster addressing of your needs. If you would rather contact us by email, please use:

As commonly said, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of them all” and in 2018 BindTuning has put in place the foundation of a customer-centric company culture that will keep positively impacting customer experience throughout 2019 and for years to come.