To promote diversity and inclusion around the globe, IAMCP challenged several companies to prepare content with their D&I poster, released on November 2019 and how each company made use of this poster to increase awareness.

BindTuning's Team gathered ideas and created a fun video, showing the different nationalities that are present in our company:

  • Portuguese
  • Argentinian
  • American
  • Brazilian
  • Cuban

They announced the winners for Diversity and Inclusion Poster Challenge, this week. BindTuning won the prize for EMEA Award, with the following picture and video. We hope you can enjoy it as much as we did. We believe in a world equal in opportunities for all.

Diversity and inclusion

For 2020, we committed to be developing the Cognitive Services & AI project, in order to help customers being included and have a better experience, focusing on special needs such as vision and hearing problems.