I am proud to announce that BindTuning has joined the Microsoft Partner Pledge in Portugal – "Aliança dos Parceiros Microsoft" – recently announced by Microsoft during its largest global partners event Inspire 2021.

Commitment to the Microsoft Partner Pledge

While we are recognizing the power and positive impact technology can play in addressing large-scale challenges, this initiative aims to ensure that everyone has the right skills and opportunities to continue creating diverse environments, prioritizing sustainability in business decisions and developing responsible and ethical technologies.

In fact, partners that are part of this pledge commit to making a positive impact in four key areas: digital upskilling, responsible and ethical AI, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion.

As a company, we have been strongly advocating for diversity and inclusion, and promoting the inclusion of people of all abilities, strengthening our actions through the creation of the first Accessibility Tool for SharePoint. The pillars that sustain this initiative couldn't be more in line with our own core values and strategy.

By joining this alliance, we want to continue shaping the future of modern digital workplaces, while being committed to ensuring that everyone has access to the right skills and opportunities, embracing an inclusive and responsible digital transformation.

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