A new chapter for BindTuning has begun. LiveTiles (ASX:LVT) the global leader in intranet and workplace technology software, has formally entered into an agreement for a strategic investment in BindTuning. Taking a stake in the future of BindTuning represents a major step forward in the creation of a brand new “Employee Experience” solutions marketplace, centered on the BindTuning Automate 365 platform.

Over 250 global customers worldwide have come to rely on BindTuning for rich modern intranet experiences. LiveTiles has thousands of customers worldwide, creating and delivering solutions that drive digital transformation, productivity and employee communications in the modern workplace. Together, both companies will kick off a sales partnership to incentivize the sale of each other’s products and services.

The BindTuning Framework

In 2011, CEO Beatriz Oliveira had an “aha” moment, conceptualizing “skins” for dozens of platforms. Today, BindTuning has become synonymous with SharePoint intranet branding. The BindTuning app has become the centerpiece for subscription-based digital workplace solutions worldwide. Amazing intranets have been built using the BindTuning framework across a variety of industries - from education to financial services. In 2020, the company set its focus on Microsoft Teams, helping customers build better hybrid workspaces for the remote workforce. The BindTuning team tackled education, wellness and built the first Accessibility Tool for SharePoint.

“Having founded BindTuning in 2011 and working in technology for over 20 years, I’ve always had an ambitious vision for the evolving market which we work in,”
Beatriz Oliveira, Founder and CEO, BindTuning

Automate 365

The cornerstone of the BindTuning and LiveTiles marketplace will be Automate 365, workspace provisioning and process automation solution. One, modular approach allows for the creation of hundreds of workspaces, in minutes. It allows customers to install, deliver and proliferate repeatable, self-service workspaces at the speed of business. Using the SaaS subscription-based solution, customers can launch fully functional workspaces in minutes instead of weeks, with massive cost savings.

BindTuning and LiveTiles

Joining forces with LiveTiles under a new sales partnership, represents an exciting next chapter for BindTuning. LiveTiles has a vision for the new way of work, that aligns with the ideals of the BindTuning team.

“With both technology stacks and vision, we believe there is immense opportunity to deliver exceptional experiences to current and future customers and further drive our collective market share within the growing employee experience space,”
Karl Redenbach, Co-Founder and CEO, LiveTiles
“As a small company, we will benefit from additional investment in our company and we’ll be investing more into our future. I want to assure you that our existing product will continue to be supported and our commitment to our customers will remain unchanged."
Beatriz Oliveira, Founder and CEO, BindTuning

Together, we believe there is an immense opportunity to deliver exceptional experiences to our valued customers as we continue to invest in BindTuning technology and offer a wider set of capabilities and products to deliver much greater value.