A modern, native Microsoft 365 web part experience has arrived, seamlessly integrated with modern SharePoint.

The Employee Experience is currently a priority for all organizations. This broad term encompasses everything related to the employee- from culture, engagement, and collaboration, to productivity as well. And while it requires much more than software, the intranet remains a central piece of this puzzle.

An intranet employee experience is not just limited to how SharePoint pages look, but also to how they are created. One of the many challenges (and quite honestly, barriers) companies face in building compelling intranet experiences with web parts is the complexity of getting the design/functionality right. If you create content or design pages using web parts, there is now a whole new modern web part experience to explore...

An improved SharePoint intranet experience

BindTuning has released several new modern web parts in the last few weeks to address many of the barriers that still confuse content editors and page designers:

New modern web parts (latest update)

The new web parts experience not only has an updated look and feel (based on Fluent UI components), but more importantly, it offers incredible added value to the out-of-the-box solution.

Built on customer feedback and market requests, web parts like Celebrations and Script Editor are just the beginning of a new era for web parts.

  • Data mashup
  • You're not limited to SharePoint lists anymore. Grab information from lists data, document libraries, and so on. Soon, you will be able to retrieve data from different sources like One Drive, Google Drive files, and more!

    Data mashup
  • Audience targeting
  • Now available right inside the web part property pane. That’s right, go ahead and set your audience preferences while you are working in the web part!

    You will also like to know that the audience targetting is available not only at a web part zone level but also in its content. You can choose how to target users as you would like with no limits. The OOTB option only allows you to target groups but BindTuning gives you the possibility to do groups and individual users too!!

    audience targeting
  • Branding
  • We know that sometimes the time is short for building layouts from scratch, so now we offer a greater number of pre-defined layouts for a variety of different occasions. Web part users have even more flexibility in designing the user experience.

    Not only that but there's also a brand new and modern color picker within the web part property pane that displays color palettes pre-defined with BindTuning and SharePoint themes!

    color picker
  • File picker
  • BindTuning file picker feature shows the options the same way as out of the box does, but the added value is in the usage of OG Tags that allow the web part to fill automatically information of an external URL (for example titles, descriptions, images). For this, the user must choose list's as the web part data source. This makes the work a lot easier and intuitive right?

    file picker
  • List picker
  • The list picker helps you define where you get the data source. In addition to the OOTB feature, it's now possible to choose to create and choose a new list or to search in the site collection of choice.

    list picker

    Future Enhancements

    And there are more new features on the horizon:

    • Social Engagement: Let users comment, like and share content. ❤️ 👍
    • Content bookmarks: Employees will be able to track what's important to them.
    • A seamless experience: Natively integrated in the modern M365 experience.
    • Drag & Drop ordering for web part list items
    • And so much more!

    The Modern web parts path

    Celebrations and Script Editor are just the first two of our web parts to feature the modern look and feel, updated experience, and brand new features. We will be rolling out the modern experience to our web parts in the coming weeks. Visit our Build page for a complete list of modern web parts.

    All of these are available as part of the BindTuning Build subscription. You will have access to all the web parts, old or new.

    Check it out