Why pay for web parts when you get them out-of-the-box (OOTB) from Microsoft? Well, ask anyone who finds themselves struggling to get a web part to work as they think it should (usually late at night, under a strict deadline). So, here’s a quick skim explaining why BindTuning web parts are often a better alternative to OOTB web parts for certain scenarios.

#1 Greater flexibility

BindTuning web parts are more than just a pretty face. In general, OOTB web parts offer less configuration options than BindTuning web parts. Not only do BindTuning web parts offer a greater variety of “looks”, but more importantly our web parts leverage SharePoint lists (yes, multiple lists) as the data source. Why is this important? Well, it gives you greater flexibility to reuse content across sites and pages and to easily change (update) that content over time. In fact, you can remove a BindTuning web part and it will not in any way affect the content, ensuring vendor independency in the long term. Of course, we are hoping you won’t do that!

But wait, there’s more: BindTuning web parts integrate with Power Automate, too. Talk about flexibility building real life working, process driven scenarios! Another plus.

#2 All versions, all the time

Not all web parts are created equal and users running hybrid environments are well aware of this fact. A huge limitation for customers is the fact that not all OOTB web parts are available across all SharePoint versions or even site types. OOTB web parts such as Links, Power BI, Group Calendar, Recent Documents, Twitter, Weather, World Clock, Yammer or YouTube are not yet available in SP 2019.

BindTuning offers similar web parts to these AND ours run on ALL versions of SharePoint and site types.

#3 More web parts!

And finally, you get a wider range of web parts in each BindTuning subscription, expanding the possibilities to configure exactly what you need. We dare you to build these scenarios with OOTB web parts:

  • Build a FAQ list without taking too much real estate on the page (Accordion)
  • Greet users each day by personalizing a page that shows their latest emails, working documents and upcoming meetings (My Work)
  • Quickly get the word out to users with site-wide notifications and alerts (Alerts)
  • Auto-update industry-specific news with a specialty feed (RSS Feed)
  • Display customizable stock market information (Stocks Ticker)
  • And even more ideas to build your workspace.

BindTuning is overwhelmingly a better value than OOTB. The cost of the web parts will pay for itself over and over when projects get completed on time. You will have empowered your user base to do more (faster) with the existing infrastructure.

Pick the right web part for the job

And that’s just three reasons why building with BindTuning won’t leave you struggling to get things done (and allow you to enjoy your evenings). Schedule a meeting with our team and we’ll show you even more reasons to choose BindTuning. We’ll give you a quick demo and help you pick the right web part for the job.

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