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You can now download session "HTML5/CSS3" materials. Session was presented by Beatriz Oliveira at Web Connections in Hmaburg, and shows several new techniques available in HTML5/CSS3.

download powerpoint

download the demo

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Beatriz presentation in WebCamps Lisboa

Beatriz presented "Web design with HTML5/CSS3" at Microsoft's event Web Camps, in Lisboa, last 6th May.
It was a great web event!

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Bind Tuning at Mix2011

If you missed the keynote, watch it now at this link. Jump to minute 1:07:40 to see Bind Tuning demo!

Watch keynote

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Bind Tuning at Mix2011

Bind Tuning platform will be featured tomorrow during Mix 2011 keynote, in Las Vegas, as part of the keynote demo. Stay tuned to the Mix official website, and watch the keynote live!

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After months of development and hard work, Bind Tuning is finally released.

Discover the best online theme tuning platform that will help you create custom, personalized themes, just like if you had a professional design team working for you.
Whether you are an individual, a small business or a medium sized company, Bind Tuning will help you achieve fabulous designs for your CMS based websites.
Do it yourself in just a few clicks!

And if you are tired of customizing the same base theme over and over, this is the solution for you.
Now you can select a base layout to customize, from our list of available themes. And every month we will be adding more themes to this list!
Custom themes truly affordable to all!

Learn more Pricing Ready? Start tuning now!

Available for Sharepoint, DotNetNuke and Orchard.

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You can now download session "Super Stylesheets" materials. Session was presented by Beatriz Oliveira at DNN Connections in Vegas, and shows several tips/techniques to improve CSS and website development.

download "Super Stylesheets" powerpoint

download the demos

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DNN for mobile

You can now download session "DNN for mobile" materials. Session was presented by Beatriz Oliveira at DNN Connections in Vegas, and represents a technique for a one-hour remake towards the mobile web.

download "DNN for mobile" powerpoint

download "mobile-friendly dnnblueprint" skin

download Bind's "MobileCSSInjector"

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Just presented in Lisbon at "Microsoft TechDays 2010" by Beatriz Oliveira, a valuable tips guide to CSS development.
Download the session's powerpoint and demo files.

@ TechDays2010

Download powerpoint